5 trends for kitchen interior design in 2017

25 Oct, 2016

The minimalist industrial look is still alive and well in modern kitchen design. But, the heart of the home is getting a much-needed warm and welcoming makeover.

Colour, texture and softness – these are the words that will define kitchens of 2017.

In this post we explore five contemporary and quirky kitchen design trends predicted to make an appearance next year.

1. Timeless and luxurious marble

Sophisticated and sleek robust marbles such as Italian Calacatta will remain a popular choice for modern kitchens. Marble is a timeless material that complements a variety of kitchen styles and colours, and creates a splash of impact with its unique patterns and effects. For added impact, marble can be used for tiles and splash backs as well as benchtops.

2. Two-tone cabinetry to create colour and warmth

While once cabinets were designed to blend into the background, they’re now taking pride of place as a stand-out kitchen feature. Mixing up the cabinets brings a whole new dimension of colour and texture to any kitchen space.

A row of white lower cabinets could be combined with pastel overhead cupboards; mix greys with blacks, or charcoal with a gentle blue-grey – the palette is up to you.

The new Bodhi Apartments in Upper Mt Gravatt feature light wood overhead cabinets to add another level of texture, and sleek push-opening cabinets that will keep the kitchen looking modern.

You can always add personality and energy with accent colours in towels, kitchen appliances, and benchtop accessories.

3. Warm metals and chromes

The industrial look introduced matte blacks and stark metals. Now, designs are keeping the best aspects of the industrial trend and adding softer metals in warm tones.
Rose gold has been a big hit lately, but tapware, pendant lights, hardware and even sinks are moving towards coloured steels – think soft bronze, warm polished greys and matte golds.

If you’re really looking to make a splash, 2017’s kitchen fashion includes bright taps and mixers in vivid reds, greens, blues and yellows that add a spectacular pop of colour.

4. Conversation-starting island benches

Island benches are getting a much-needed makeover. We can expect to see the humble benchtop-and-cupboard island becoming more of a focal talking point, with the closed back transforming into open shelving alongside table-style seating.

This innovative idea, which can be seen in the Bodhi Apartment designs, is a simple and effective way to inject more personality into a functional space. Add some hidden LED lights and contemporary accessories, and your kitchen becomes an inviting and homely oasis to sit and chat over a cup of tea.

5.  Texture will take the cake

While concrete and render still have their place, we’re going to see an influx of fascinating, unusual surface materials hitting our kitchen walls and floors.

Leather tiles, bamboo walls, and mosaic glass features are surprising textures that we’ll likely see more of in the coming year. Most notably, cork is making a surprise appearance, adorning entire walls as a stylish feature pin board, as an intriguing element in barstools, or as a noise-absorbing artwork.

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