Introducing Lacey Group’s Interior Stylist: Urban Edge

There really is no place like home and your space is an extension and a reflection of you, which is why it’s essential for the furniture and décor to speak to you individually.

Decorating your apartment can create your true sense of home, improving the look and feel by giving the space warmth, character and personality.

When it comes to styling your apartment, you may have ideas on what colours and furnishing you’d like, but it can be challenging when the time comes to putting it together.

An interior designer has all the resources and knowledge to style your home and takes care of everything with careful curation from planning, research, purchasing of furniture, storage, installation and styling.

Lacey Group engaged Urban Edge, a boutique retailer, styling and interior design business that specialises in creating harmonious interior design and decoration to style the common areas of The Del Ray and The Monroe, in a way  suited to the personality of both properties, while also maintaining a timeless aspect.

Founder and Principal Designer, Linda Hamilton, established Urban Edge on the Gold Coast more than two-decades ago and is well-versed in knowing how to style spaces to give them timeless character.

“We worked with Lacey Group to design the common areas and create a look and feel that’s different for each building,” Linda said.

“The Monroe is a little bit Hollywood, sunny, classic and timeless. For this project, we styled with subtle black and white with very small hints of glitz. While The Del Ray is more of a subtle nod to Palm Beach, which is very on trend, but we’ve styled it in a way that will stand the test of time.”

Urban Edge worked on every aspect of styling the lobbies of The Monroe and The Del Ray including planning, concept creation, colour and furniture selection, logistics, delivery and finally installation.

Linda suggests if you are thinking of using an Interior Designer/Stylist, it’s best to involve them right at the beginning to get the best results and to save time and money.

“We ask clients to supply us with a couple of images of what they ideally like their space to look like, which we then translate” Linda said.

“We design to that brief and put together a customised scope for the client. We won’t come in and say ‘this is what you need’ or tell someone how they should style it. We always give practical advice that is specific to the individual and how they will use the space,” Linda said.

“For a lot of people, often what they are after is a combination of styles. Combining ideas is where a lot of people come unstuck. When we have a really strong brief and listen to our clients wants, needs and expectations – we end up with a result where the client will often say ‘wow, that’s exactly what I wanted but I didn’t know how to ask for it’.

“We know how to balance and maximise a space, what goes together and how to use scale and combine finishes. We also have a large resource pool to source and select the right pieces and utilise product availability as best as possible to the clients time frame.  We also look after all of the logistics from sign off, to purchasing, delivery, quality check, storage, installation and finally styling.”

Urban Edge offers a range of services that can make your dream home a reality. To find out more about Urban Edge, visit


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