Lace’s Run for Matty

Lacey Group Managing Director, Adam Lacey will traverse through 50 kilometres of Gold Coast hinterland in September to raise money for his mate, Matthew Schneider, who was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in June this year.

‘Lace’s Run for Matty’ will see Adam take on the Wild Earth Coastal High 50 Challenge, hoping to reach the goal of raising more than $10,000, which will be gifted directly to Matthew’s family, including his wife and three young kids.

“Taking part in this challenge does not even come close to what Matty and his family are going through right now. It’s the least I could do to offer my help and hopefully raise some money for the future of his family,” Adam said.

“With a young family myself, I can barely begin to imagine how Matty might be feeling, with the whirlwind of treatment going on in his life.

“I hope my dedication to this cause is able to deliver a bit of security, support and increased awareness of the disease because it can clearly happen to the best of us when we least expect it.”

Matt Schneider, a 38-year-old father of three, is a prominent Gold Coast figure who recently shared publicly that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

As a pillar of the local property development industry, Matthew has helped shape the Gold Coast – assisting with many projects across the city as a town planning consultant, strategic adviser and director of property consulting firm Urbis.

With his health and his young family at the forefront of his mind, Matthew has taken extended leave from his position at Urbis and has commenced chemotherapy. It is with a hopeful attitude and great strength that through this treatment, positive results will prevail in fighting off the disease.

While he had been unwell months before his diagnosis, including a 25kg weight loss, it is of utmost importance to him and his family that awareness around the risk of bowel cancer is highlighted as so many are affected.

With the risk of bowel cancer increasing at age 45 (54% of people diagnosed with the disease being male and 46% female), Bowl Screen Australia was launched to make the screening process of bowel cancer more accessible through community pharmacies. Purchase a kit from your nearest pharmacy for approx. $42 to receive pathology analysis and result reporting. For more information, visit Bowel Cancer Australia.

‘Lace’s Run for Matty’ will take place on Saturday 3rd September 2022. Donations can be made by emailing [email protected] and details will be provided.

You can track Adam’s progress by following his Instagram page @adam_lacey_group.


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