Lacey Group to continue Building Life in 2022

With 2022 well underway, the team at Lacey Group are taking the opportunity to look back on its biggest year yet.

Lacey Group’s team leader, Adam Lacey, said 2021 was a monster year for the team.

“Last year saw us officially launch our latest two projects, The Monroe in Palm Beach and The Del Ray in Kirra, with both projects achieving sold out status in record time,” Mr Lacey said.

“Having appointed Hutchinson Builders as the Principal Contractor, both projects are now well into delivery phase and are at a similar construction stage with excavation of the basement currently in progress.”

Mr Lacey said Lacey Group’s core ethos of Building Life continues to become engrained in the fabric of the way the company does business as well as its approach to development.

“Building Life not only refers to the physical buildings that we develop, but also the communities that go with it and the relationships we forge along the way,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on these relationships, whether it be with our buyers, our consultants or our contractors.

“By continuing to stand by our mantra of Building Life and ensuring that we continue to be surrounded by advisers who are professionals in their field, 2021 saw us successfully navigate a year of phenomenal price growth as well as unprecedented construction cost escalation.”

The Lacey Group team also grew last year with the addition of two new staff members.

“Having Lachlan McInnes and Ashley Byrne join us wonderfully complements our core team who all share our passion for procuring good outcomes for our buyers and clients,” Mr Lacey said.

As Lacey Group looks forward to another exciting year ahead, Mr Lacey said the team is looking forward to seeing The Monroe and The Del Ray come to life, with both projects currently scheduled for building completion in Q2 of 2023.

“After witnessing the enormous growth in the property market over the past two years, combined with the escalating building costs, Lacey Group will take a restrained approach to the replenishment of its project pipeline this year and will continue to tap into the experience and guidance provided by Lacey Group’s Advisory Committee” Mr Lacey said.

“We are also considering a few new initiatives including the potential addition of a Property Management and Caretaking business in order to enhance and preserve the underlying asset value of our buildings for our buyers.”

“Whatever 2022 has in store for Lacey Group, we are excited to see where the year takes us.”


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