The Beginning of a Golden Decade for Gold Coast Property

As SEQ gets set to host the 2032 Olympics, so too does the Gold Coast’s property sector. Director of Urbis and Lacey Group advisory board member, Matthew Schneider, gives his insights and forecasts what’s in store for our “contemporary city by the sea” over the next decade.

On 21 July 2021, Brisbane was officially selected and announced as the winner of the right to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032.

Queenslanders from Noosa down the Coast to Coolangatta rejoiced in the win, none more so than those in the property sector.

“I think it’s a hugely significant announcement and one that really sets up the next decade of South East Queensland’s prosperity, including the Gold Coast,” said Director of Urbis Matthew Schneider.

Mr Schneider believes that the Gold Coast’s beautiful-one-day-perfect-the-next corner of the world, which has for too long been considered Australia’s holiday and retirement hotspot, is now set to achieve an identity shakeup.

“I think the 2032 Olympics gives us the opportunity to really imagine what our identity is as a region and to look to really build on the history of our city and imagine it into the next generation of what the Gold Coast’s about,” said Mr Schneider.

The next decade is set to bring significant improvements to not only the Gold Coast’s transport infrastructure, but also its community and social infrastructure.

“Over the past 62 years, we’ve seen the Gold Coast grow from being a city as a series of coastal villages into what it is today,” said Mr Schneider.

“What we’re seeing on a city-making level at the moment is a mature city now starting to break itself back down into those villages, replicating that strong sense of neighborhood as seen in other big cities around the world.”

History demonstrates a strong correlation between the Olympics, and other major global standard events, and the fortunes of the property industry.

“In the lead up to the 2032 Olympics, I think we can expect to see good-quality, medium scale projects continue to emerge across the city.

“We’ve probably seen the era of the really big mega-projects on the Gold Coast come and go but the development at that boutique level Lacey Group does so well I think will only grow.

“That really resonates with contemporary buyers, particularly in the Gold Coast context, and is a good thing for our economy as it’s less volatile and makes great use of the available land we have.”

Lacey Group director, Adam Lacey, said the team is excitedly looking ahead as the Gold Coast gets set to face change in the next decade.

“There are so many great things happening on the Gold Coast at the moment and into the future and we are embracing what is to come,” Mr Lacey said.

“This past couple of years has seen a lot of investment from interstate buyers, as well as locals looking to secure their position for future growth, and we are excited to play an active role in that.”

Lacey Group stands firm in its commitment to continue building and fostering life and community in this beautiful city we call home.


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