The Gold Coast: Stop Dreaming and Start Living Here

The Gold Coast is one of the jewels in Australia’s stunning crown, with more people than ever flocking to the city to embrace its lifestyle and everything it has to offer.

Famous for its 70km of uninterrupted coastline and fringed by rainforest hinterland, sun, surf and great work opportunities, the Gold Coast’s population is rapidly growing.

Considering the Gold Coast is Australia’s tourism capital, it should come at no surprise that people not only want to holiday here but take up residency in this alluring part of the word.

The Gold Coast was first established in the 1950s when it was home to almost 30,000 people. Today, about 70 years later, the city now boasts a population of roughly 680,000 residents.

Following the lockdowns around Australia during the past year, the Gold Coast continued to rapidly grow as people from interstate sought after a better lifestyle.

Lacey Group is a family-owned boutique property developer, who understands and focuses on creating functional living environments with lifestyle and community at heart.

During the years, we have founded locations within the city’s most exclusive and popular beachfront strips and created luxury homes.

Stop dreaming and start living in one of our luxury residential developments by the Gold Coast seaside.

We’re now selling The Monroe on Palm Beach’s famed Jefferson Lane. For more information or to register your interest, visit


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