Tips and tricks: The best way to move into an apartment

Moving home can be a tedious task that requires planning, lots of communication and probably a couple of lists that have been revised and reviewed a handful of times. Here are some tips and tricks that will help ease the transition of moving into your apartment to make it an exciting time, not a stressful one.

Plan your course of action

When moving into a strata titled property, you must consider the protocols and courtesies of living in an apartment building with common areas as well as the ‘house rules’. It could be recommended that you register your time of arrival or schedule with your building manager the time and location of when and where you may need removalists to access the building. Whether it be in regards to parking or access to a service elevator, it is always better to double check than leave it to chance.

For first building residents – there will be a ‘Moving In’ coordination process. All buyers will be notified in the lead up to settlement, but for any queries, please contact Lacey Group’s Buyer Relations Team at [email protected].

Protect your belongings and others’

For your benefit and for your neighbours’, use protective removalist blankets to avoid damages when moving into an apartment building. While accessing your own apartment you will need to make use of the lifts and other common areas, even if your belongings are just passing through. Trollies and carts can be helpful when moving lots of small/medium boxes, but you’ll need some extra muscle when moving larger pieces of furniture to avoid any mishaps.

For a referral or information on home and contents insurance, please feel free to contact Lacey Group’s Buyer Relations Team.

Don’t underestimate

While you may have packed your life into boxes, you may need to consider an extra pair of hands to get the job done as smoothly as possible. Friends and family may be of some help with a well-earned drink provided as payment or a good team of removalists with expertise in lifting, pivoting, and shuffling could be an even better investment. Remember, many hands make light work!

For a referral/information on moving companies, please feel free to contact Lacey Group’s Buyer Relations Team.

Take your time

If you can afford the luxury of spreading out your packing, moving and unpacking process you’ll find a smoother transition is easier to accomplish. Leaving wardrobe clothes on the hangers, packing folded clothes into suitcases etc. will assist greatly in the packing phase of the operation. With well labelled boxes, your team of helpers will be able to place what goes where, mostly, when moving in. Knowing what you need to have at hand to unpack first will make disassembly easier, and from there, unpack each room in order of priority to make your move that little bit more manageable.

With these little titbits of information, you should be able to formulate your own plan to tackle the undertaking of moving into your apartment with ease!




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