Building relationships as we build life

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At Lacey Group, we understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with trusted partners and members of our community.

Since our inception, our team at Lacey Group has stood firm in our commitment to fostering relationships and greeting strong networks with the Gold Coast community.

We are proud to be a Gold Coast business, supporting and trusting leading business and financial professionals throughout the Gold Coast, who support our mission of building life and delivering sustainable and vibrant projects.

From architects and builders to advisors and buyers, fostering lasting, valuable relationships at each stage of the development process ensures a synergistic and collaborative approach.

Our partnership network is treated as part of our extended team with whom we share a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship. We ensure the time is taken to develop collaborative partnerships and foster open communication to deliver the best result for each development every time.

As property developers, we believe in creating projects that have lifestyle and community at the forefront. Therefore, not only are we committed to nurturing relationships ourselves, but also encouraging relationships to be built through the communities we create.

We truly believe our success as a leading Gold Coast property developer can be attributed to the relationships we continue to build with members of our community and beyond.

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