The Jams Smash Through Kokoda Challenge, Exceed Fundraising Expectations

Gold Coast, QLD – Lacey Group Director Adam Lacey and his mates Steve Lock, Murray Emmerson and James Collins, collectively known as ‘The Jams’, undertook the formidable 96km Kokoda Challenge. Their mission? To honour the Australian diggers’ memory and support the Gold Coast’s Kokoda Youth Foundation. Today, we wrap up their inspiring endeavour.

The Jams’ goal to raise more than $10,000 was met with overwhelming support, the team exceeding their target to an incredible $22,000. Their heartfelt thank you goes to all who lent their support and generously donated. “This journey has shown us the power of community. The overwhelming support will undoubtedly change young lives,” said Adam Lacey, before he unfortunately had to retire from the race at the 38km mark due to health issues.

Despite this setback, the team demonstrated an unyielding spirit. Murray, Steve and James soldiered on, embodying the very essence of the Kokoda spirit – courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice. They completed the gruelling 96km trek just after midnight on Saturday, with a commendable finish time of just over 17 hours, ranking them as the 4th fastest all-male team.

Murray shared, “The journey was both mentally and physically draining, but knowing the cause behind our efforts kept us pushing on. Adam’s spirit was with us throughout the challenge, even though he physically couldn’t be.”

Steve echoed Murray’s sentiment. “It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Training at 3am in the dark with headlamps felt easy compared to the actual event. But it was worth every step knowing we were making a difference.”

James added, “Being part of such a great team and sharing this unforgettable experience was amazing. We’ve pushed beyond our limits and learned so much more about ourselves and each other.”

The team owes a huge part of their success to their tireless support crew who backed them throughout this demanding endeavour. “Their selfless efforts and encouragement were invaluable,” Steve said. A special mention and thank you go out to James, Neil, Andy, Nicky, Di and the young troopers, Lakey & Zepp, for their unwavering support.

Acknowledging their major donors, the team emphasised that their generosity has the potential to transform many young lives through the Kokoda Youth Foundation’s programs. The team’s spirit, coupled with the unwavering support of the community, has made this endeavour a triumph.

This truly embodies the spirit of Kokoda – showing that, together, we can conquer even the most formidable challenges, and make a real difference in our community.



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