Light Rail Extensions to Improve Coast’s Connectivity & Lifestyle

By the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, the Gold Coast is set to have an extended public transport spine, with planning for Stage 3 and 4 of the Gold Coast light rail well underway. Mark Witheriff, Managing Director of CBRE and Lacey Group advisory board member, tells what impacts the world-class infrastructure will have on the city and the opportunities it presents for Gold Coast property.  

Best known for its beaches, surf, nightlife and hinterland, the Gold Coast is a lifestyle and tourism haven, home to more than 710,000 people; a figure set to grow in the coming decades.

In a strong attempt to increase city connectivity, improve transport safety, and position the Gold Coast for sustainable growth, extensions to the Coast’s light rail are underway.

The Gold Coast light rail will see a 19.7km extension running south of the existing tram network, linking Helensvale to Burleigh Heads, then down to Tugun, providing 17 additional stations.

Upgrades to the infrastructure will be delivered in stages – Stage 3 and 4 – to support population growth, with Stage 3 (Broadbeach – Burleigh) proposed to be completed in 2023.

Managing Director of CBRE Asia Pacific, Mark Witheriff, believes the extension plays an important part in our population solution, with the opportunity to develop density around the Rail to continue as the city grows.

“It’s a real option for people to use to get to work, to get to play, to enjoy our beaches and our lifestyle, and it will become a bigger part of our city.”

The project will connect communities with business and jobs, medical facilities, education, shopping, dining, entertainment, and sporting centres, as well as play an important role in connecting Coolangatta Airport to each Coastal village.

“People from all around the world will be able to land at an International Airport at Coolangatta, hop on a tram, and enjoy all aspects of travelling along the Coastline before being delivered to their hotel – it will be amazing,” said Mr Witheriff.

“Major capital cities around the world have had this opportunity, and now it’s our turn, it’s essential.”

Like with any construction to a city’s infrastructure, Gold Coast locals should expect to encounter interruptions to their day-to-day life and Mr Witheriff acknowledges this.

“The construction of a major project like this takes time and there will be interruptions to people’s days, from traffic issues to lengthened commute times, but the planning is well in advance to try and minimise the impact on longer term aspects.”

For many Gold Coast locals, residential positioning along the coastline will be a priority for enhanced lifestyle and ease of access and transport to facilities in neighbouring villages is a must.

As the Gold Coast’s population grows, Mr Witheriff’s advice to present and future buyers and investors is to make the beachside a focus.

“Live near the beach, invest near the beach, and utilise the infrastructure that’s been set up – I think that’s fundamentally going to be the real opportunity.”

As the Gold Coast gets set for the extension of the world-class infrastructure, Lacey Group continues to harness and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

“Lacey Group have identified the opportunities that are along the southern ends of the Coast, along the light rail, areas where people want to be,” said Mr Witheriff.

“Their branding is very much adopted to deliver this sort of product that we will require, a product that is well designed and developed to sit along this corridor.”

Lacey Group continues to look for opportunities along the Gold Coast’s coastline, helping residents connect with the lifestyle this glorious corner of South East Queensland has to offer.

Gold Coast light rail stage 4 will extend from Burleigh Heads to Coolangatta, connecting residents of Palm Beach and Kirra Beach to neighbouring coastal villages.

  • Distance from The Jefferson Palm Beach to Palm Beach Avenue Station – 210m (3 min walk)
  • Distance from The Monroe Palm Beach to Palm Beach Avenue Station – 280m (3 min walk)
  • Distance from Southbreak North Kirra to Boyd Street Station Tugun – 2.4km (29 min walk)

Please note above distances are estimates only.

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